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About ready-made designs and their adaptation to other models

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Hello again!

It's possible to adapt a ready-made design to your gun model. If you liked one of ready-made designs, but it's not for your gun model, you can purchase any ready-made design for your gun model with comment in purchase order with name of design you need. For example. You liked ready-made design for Beretta, but you need this design for Ruger. You can purchase any ready-made design for Ruger, but in order comments be sure to indicate that you need a design, like on Beretta. For example "need Skull Snake design like Beretta". So I will understand that for Ruger it is necessary to adapt "Skull Snake" design. This adaptation will be free

Change production time

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Hello my dear friend!

Small news, but no less important. At moment, production time is 2 to 7 days before shipping. From now on, production time is extended to 2 weeks. This is due to increase in orders without loss of quality.

I also need more time to expand grips range and add new weapon models.

With love, Vladimir!

International flight restrictions from Russia solved

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Good day, friends!

Today, there are partial or complete restrictions on international shipments from Russia to Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. But air traffic between United States and these countries is possible.

Service by Tiendamia acts as an intermediary and avoids problems with international delivery.

Shopping on Amazon and eBay is possible again.

With best regards. Vladimir.

We survived!

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Dear friends! We survived. But it's too early to relax. Parcels sent from beginning of March were delivered at end of July. You have been waiting for almost half a year. I am very grateful to everyone who stood these long expectations! You are best!

There are rumors of a second wave of coronavirus. Rather, it will only affect tourism sector. International transportation should continue its work. World is too dependent on each other. But there are still delays. Before pandemic, delivery time was 15-20 days to anywhere in world. Now it is 1-2 months. We will survive this too.

I hope that you are all well, you and your loved ones are healthy!

With best regards. Vladimir.

Attention! Delivery Delays

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Dear friends! Now I am seeing delivery delays. This is due to global pandemic. Coronavirus makes us all very nervous. All shipments made in early March and to this day are delayed at customs of both countries (sender country and the recipient country). In some cases, delay may be from one month or longer.

In this regard, there is no information on track code, which makes one feel that package was lost. This is not true. Package is at customs and goes through all official clearance procedures. Just a long time.

I hope you are fine and that your family and friends are safe!

With best regards. Vladimir.

UPD 06.03

Restrictions are associated with restrictions on air traffic between countries. At moment, customs clearance time in Russia has been reduced to a few days, but got out is still delayed. Every day situation is improving. In June, should resume international air traffic.


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