Change of production technology

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Dear friends. Small innovations in the work of the Svechnikov Workshop (Gun Grips, Svechnikov Knives).

After moving to Finland, I started to procure material for the production of gun grips and knife scales on my own. This will allow me to add many other types of wood to the range. Already now you can request grips made of walnut, wenge, zebrano or other types of wood. Also, all current listings will be updated. Instead of oak, the grips will be carved from maple. The difference can be seen in the photo:

Maple is much lighter than oak, which allows for a more expressive contrast. I also stop using protective varnishes. Instead of varnish, I use more expensive and high-quality oils. Thanks to this, I was able to improve the quality and pleasantness of the tactile sensations from contact with the grips and their appearance.

This means that if you order grips that list oak as a material, you will receive a product that is different from the current photos (I need to do a lot of work to update all photos and descriptions). The grips will be made from maple. Don't let that scare you. You will get more beautiful and better quality grips.

With best regards. Vladimir


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