Delivery time

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Hello, my friend. I am facing international shipping problems again. A parcel can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months to arrive. This applies to the Finland - USA direction.  A few months in transit is an exception, but it happens. Export takes a few days (or is there a mail ferry between Europe and the US?). The rest of the time the parcel is in US customs or in a sorting center. Why it takes so long. I daresay because of the use of regular postal service from Posti to USPS. It doesn't depend on whether I use economy or priority shipping. It does not apply to all of my shipments. It's like the lottery. Just keeping you guys informed so you don't tear me apart. Lol

A little bit of good news. I have more and more knife and gun models I can work with. Work in that direction doesn't stop for a day. So your favorite weapons will not be left out

With best regards. Vladimir


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