Free Grips / Scales

In this category, I will post lists of what I am looking for and what you can help me with. I propose to make for you any design for each of the positions below. You can choose from existing designs or I'll develop a new one. In return, I will ask you to send original grips / scales to my workshop for digitalization. The digitalization takes about a week. After that, I develop the design agreed with you and send two pairs back (your new design and the original). This service is free. You can use this service once for each presented models.

  1. Choosing model
  2. You sending the original to my workshop via post
  3. I digitize the original and develop your design
  4. I'm sending two pairs back

Design development and delivery are free. Free. FREE!

Perhaps this is the most unusual service on the market today. I try to get acquainted with the maximum number of models of pistols and knives for which I can make something beautiful and original.