Free grips / scales

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Dear friends.

I am launching a new service that will solve two problems: it will allow you to have a pair made by me absolutely free of charge, and I will have the opportunity to work with a new model.

What does it mean. In this category (you can follow the link) I will publish a list of models of pistols, knives and other things that I am looking for. This applies to new models that are not yet provided in my workshop. Perhaps the stars will align and you have one of these models for which you would like something new for. I'll be ready to help with that. Production and delivery at my expense.

The condition is simple. To work with the new model, I need to digitize the originals. I will ask you to send original grips / scales to my studio. I sit down at the computer, pick up a caliper and other measuring instruments, and manually digitize with an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter. When the 3D model is ready, I will be able to develop any design for it that is possible. And my possibilities are limited endless. After that, I send you back two pairs, the original and the design I made.

The service is free and one-time. Once the model is digitized, the listing for a free pair will be removed. Every year new models of pistols and knives appearing. This service will never stop. I hope I can count on you and you can load me with the work that I love so much.

With best regards. Vladimir.


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