I special ordered a variation of the rune grips for my 1911, because I'm so proud of my Norse heritage! They look so perfect on my Sig Sauer stainless steel. Customer service was top notch. It took a total of 1 month from time of order to recieving them in my mailbox here in California. I only wish I thought to have asked if I could have gotten a customized option that's not for sale for others, so that I have my own original grips, since it turned out so well. But I'm so glad he was willing and able to adjust the design for me, and it was worth the price, and he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!
Vladimir did an amazing job with my grips. I was origianlly looking for just generic wood grips for my 9mm, and everything just looked...eh..sub-par. I actually ran into his products on Amazon and thought they looked really nice. There was a note saying he did custom work so I messaged him. He does an amazing job with both listening to what you are looking for as well as making amazing recommendations that you didn't even think of. The only thing that made the process hard was the ship time, but I'm not marking off any points because its not his fault, I'm just letting the next person know that it can take a bit, I think after he was done making my grips, it took about a month to come in. It's also worth noting that there are options to pay for tracking during checkout, which I did not know (so again, just giving the next person a heads up). Im VERY happy with this work, and I don't know if he's put it up on the page yet or not, but mine are the Wolf Grips.