!! Business temporarily suspended in Russia

by Vladimir Gun Grips

Dear friends!

At moment, doing business in Russia is completely paralyzed. I don't have access to Amazon, Etsy, eBay and PayPal. But connecting with world is still my priority. I see no reason to wait for situation to improve, so I made a number of important decisions.

I am in process of obtaining a residence permit in Finland. I can move in my own car and relocate my workshop. This will allow me to resume work on next day after arrival.

There is risk that nothing will work. They may not approve residence permit, close borders, or some other trouble will happen. Therefore, follow news on Instagram (Instagram is also blocked in Russia, lol).

Take care of yourself! With best regards, Vladimir

03/16 19:00 UPD! It is possible to pay on Gun Grips only with cryptocurrency

03/16 19:20 UPD! Shop on Amazon is unlocked. Thanks Denis! Delivery time increased due to current tensions


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