The grips for my Cold Stell Voyager XL fit perfectly and look spectacular. I was surprised how well the nested liners fit into the grips. Makes it into a much better looking knife that also fits better in my hand. From order to receipt was less than one month with standard shipping.
I bought the celtic gates for my STI Spartan 1911. They fit perfect and look amazing. I love the quality and craftsmanship.
I don't normally write reviews. I purchased a set of grips for a Beretta 92x. The pictures on your site do not do them justice. It changed the look and feel of 92x . Thank you for your outstanding work. It will not be the last set I buy.
I am writing this review almost a year late to when I received my 1911 “WOLF” engraved stocks from Mr. Vladimir Svechnikov. When I ordered the stocks, it was through Etsy, I didn’t know of the Gun Grips sight at the time.
Looking through the samples presented, I choice a set with a Wolf engraved scene. Right up from, the picture was great, but it didn’t do justice to the real thing. After I ordered the stocks I was deployed before they arrived.
Returning home two weeks ago, and going through a box of mail, I found an envelope with the return address from Mr. Svechnikov. Opening the package I found a set of Stocks second to none! The engraving is meticulous. The details are “Pure Artwork.” I have stocks on other firearms but nothing comes close to these. The fit and finish are perfect.
Sorry this is late, but I had to let it be known just how beautiful these Stocks are. Thank You so much for the work you do. You are now my ‘Go To” Stock maker.
Thank You again,
…Malcolm Ready
I bought a set off Etsy and reached out to Vladimir to ask about a custom project. He was incredibly responsive and willing to work with me and I look forward to purchasing more grips from him in the future because these are the nices grips I've got and now I want them on everything.
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