A bit of history

Gun Grips Customs - a project by Vladimir Svechnikov. There is nothing surprising in the fact that in a country where it is forbidden to carry almost any weapon, a startup has appeared that is engaged in manufacturing individual and original accessories for firearms. Thought broader, my friend! We will take any height that we deem necessary.

Special thanks to Ruslan Askerov, who went to get an MBA in the United States. It was this link in the long logical chain that allowed Vladimir to immediately organize production and release the first batch of individual pens for the Beretta 92FS to the public.

Future plans

Gun Grips Customs is first and foremost a creative studio. The main task is to acquaint you with beautiful and original handmade accessories made for firearms. Let your gun be beautiful! Our works are already presented all over the world, but we will not stop there.

Every day we work to maximize the list of supported weapons models. Why not?

Worldwide free shipping now!

We plan to create production in the USA and reduce the delivery time to 1-2 days in any state.

Welcome to Gun Grips Customs! Welcome to the creative family!